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May 2013

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J.C. Washington State School for the Blind

"Everything is working great with the unit, we love it-appreciate the follow up." read more..


W.C. Washington Group International, Inc.

"We got the unit, works great! Its awesome, love it - supervisor likes it too." read more..


W.J. Wasco Products, Inc.

"Guys love it, going to purchase it now." read more..


M.W. Warner Power

"We like it alot, does what you told us it would do.  We are going to have our engineer videotape guys using it so exec. team can see it in action." read more..


D.A. Warehouse Equipment & Supply

"We decided to keep unit, may lead to multiple units in the future. Thank you for your patience since our demo went well over 7 days." read more..


H.M. Weyerhaeuser

"People training today-very impressed with the quality of the unit. Confident that we will be back in a month for another unit." read more..


M.S. Whirlpool Corporation

"Its a done deal, no need to follow up- works well." read more..


R.M. Caterpillar

"When they tried it that day, they like it, said once they got used to using the unit it will make their jobs much easier." read more..


S.K. Wigwam Mills

"They got CClite, unpacked and used it yesterday and today-so far so good, working fine." read more..


L.H. Wilson Trailer Company

"Guys like it - so far its exactly what they needed." read more..


P.G. Wincore Windows and Doors

"Unpacked and using it, attachment is great, unit works great!" read more..


A.G. Windowmaster Products

"Works wonderful, everybody loves it!" read more..


S.M. Winona Health Comm.

"Working great - they like it." read more..


B.W. Air Products

"You did a great job adapting it to our containers." read more..


A.D. Air Liquid Healthcare

"Attachment worked for both sizes of cylinder tanks, works great." read more..


W.L. Air Liquid Healthcare

"We love it and will be purchasing the unit and possibly 2 other units." read more..


A.P. Airforce Research

We like the holes to adjust the attachment up/down - folks surprised at how fast it goes."... read more..


M.G. Airforce Research

"We have been moving a forklift with the CartCaddyShorty, slicker than we thought!" read more..


R.R. Aerospace

"First try worked flawlessly, all folks liked it.  Very Maneuverable, talking about buying a 2nd unit." read more..


M.L. Affliliated

"Unit still working good, tough outfit - really like it, takes care of it. Unit has done exactly what they hoped it would do - safety beneift." read more..


B.P. Action Material

"PartsCaddys work GREAT for helping him haul heavy loads of copy paper, ect. - Loves them!" read more..


S.P. Advanced Barrier Extrusions

"Easy to operate, lots of power! Just like you said!" read more..


C.F. Admiral Beverage Corp

"Tried it, all is well! Just send the invoice for payment." read more..


D.H. Adkev

"10,000 lb load, the guys feel it will do the job. Thanks!" read more..


C.W. Add Vantage

"CartCaddyLites are working well in England." read more..


M.P. Marymount Medical Center

"The unit is working good, they like it and are going to keep it." read more..


R.S. Marriot Textile Services

"Attachment works great.  We are very pleased." read more..


B.H. Waukesha Engine

"Got 2nd CC5WP unit - it works great." read more..


P.H. Wausau Steel Corp

"Nice machine! Simple to steer and maneuver, guys love it!" read more..


J.A. Wausau West High School

"Planning on spreading the word on this solution to the bleacher problem in other schools." read more..

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