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Monday, 03 March 2014 21:15

The Benefits of the Dumpster Caddy

Few pieces of heavy equipment require as much movement as dumpsters. They're necessary containers at all types of facilities, from office buildings to hospitals to apartment complexes. Simplify this regular task with use of the Dumpster Caddy from DJ Products.

Fully loaded dumpsters can weigh thousands of pounds, particularly those used at locations such as shopping malls or hotels. Although they generally have wheels, they're cumbersome to move and turn. They're often stored in an underground lot where they need to be transported to ground level for pick-up by a waste management or recycling service. It's not unusual for this task to require at least two or three employees to complete.

Our Dumpster Caddy fastens securely to the container to safely move loads of up to 10,000 pounds. Corners and tight spaces are easy to negotiate thanks to the caddy's compact size and efficient operation. In addition, battery power enables the caddy to go up and down inclines as well as over ice, snow and other outdoor conditions.

Using a Dumpster Caddy can help streamline your overall operations as well. You can have only one person handle the job instead of sending two or three others. Its ergonomic design reduces the possibility of injury and job-related absences. 

DJ Products has a full line of caddies and tugs that can address any of your material handling problems. Our products fit applications from moving shopping carts to maneuvering aircraft. Contact our knowledgeable Sales Engineers at 800.686.2651 for information on solutions to fit your needs.

Forklifts have been a mainstay of warehouses and manufacturing facilities for decades. Lately, though, you may have found yourself wondering if it’s time to update with equipment tugs. You’ve heard about the improved efficiency they offer, but are they really worth the investment?

Equipment tugs can definitely add value to your operation, and many of the benefits may be ones you never even realized. Here are some questions to ask about your material handling needs that will demonstrate specific improvements tugs can provide.

  • Are you finding your inventories slowly increasing? Lift trucks work better with full cases and pallets, which results in excess inventory stacked in the aisles. Tugs allow you to replenish materials as needed, keeping inventories lean and floors and aisles clear.
  • Are your customers ordering in smaller quantities? Tugs offer a great solution for split-case and direct-to-consumer picking.
  • Are you seeing a lot of forklift accidents and workman’s comp claims? On-site safety is enhanced with the use of tugs. Their smaller size makes them less obtrusive on the work floor and they’re equipped with safety features such as alarms and power-stops. In addition, tugs are ergonomically engineered for maximum ease of operation.
  • Does the work flow frequently become slowed down by bottlenecks? Easy maneuverability of tugs means a smoother flow of materials throughout your facility.

Whatever application you require, DJ Products has your solution. We offer a wide variety of tugs for warehouses, manufacturing plants, containers, automobiles and aircraft. Call 800.686.2651 to speak to one of our Sales Engineers.