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Manufactures of a Cart Mover, Cart Puller, Pusher, and Powered Trailer Mover Tug

At DJ Products, we strive to provide material handling cart, car, trailer, dumpster and aircraft moving solutions that are ergonomically correct, safe, and cost effective. Our Cart Puller and Motorized Cart can reduce the injuries that come from manually moving heavy carts and wheeled equipment. Our cart mover solutions are battery powered “walk behind” electric tug that can be maneuvered even in tight, difficult spaces. Since our cart puller and motorized cart mover are more manageable than bulky, expensive, riding equipment such as fork trucks or a riding tug, they will be used more frequently and effectively, greatly increasing material handling productivity while saving money in operating costs and workers compensation claims.

Please choose the industry that best fits your need. If you can't find a specific industry, please contact one of our Sales Engineers for consultation as we have solved over 10,000 cart moving and wheeled load applications, many which were customized to our customers specific application.